Credo is a platform where you can get connected with the best SEO and digital marketing agencies online. We heavily vet every agency or consultant on the platform, and over 30% who apply are not accepted.

When you submit your project to Credo, we will contact you to discuss it then make recommendations for whom to speak with as well as introducing you to them.

If you need an SEO or digital marketer to help you grow your business, we’d love to be your next stop. We lean on over 8 years of digital marketing experience and having seen over 600 businesses hiring agencies to help you put together the right project and have success in your engagements.

Where these numbers came from

Pricing estimates are based off of the over 600 SEO and digital marketing projects that have come through Credo since October 2015. Budgets are not necessarily specific to individual agencies or consultants, but rather how much effort is required based on current business metrics, growth goals, and business models as well as value added to the business.

Pricing in the digital marketing world has long been transactional – number of hours worked times hourly rate. In many ways, this has been at the disservice of marketers.

We at Credo know that good work is not cheap, and we believe that everyone should be paid fairly for the work they do and the value they provide.

These numbers are not exact but rather serve as a ballpark for what you should expect to pay for a quality, value-driven and focused technical SEO audit on your website.


Big thanks to Michael King, Tom Critchlow, Pete Wailes, and Chris Le for their help.